Artist News

OCT 4 2012

In addition to my gloss stock prints, I also have the ability to print on a variety of mediums:  canvas, vinyl, banner, and even aluminum panels.  Anyone interested can contact me through this page or at

OCT 2 2012

Back from the Carnival of Death tour.  All orders will be fulfilled by the end of today.  Thanks to all who ordered while I was out, it means a lot.  Visit the ENCRUST Facebook for tons of images from the shows we played.

SEPT 1 2012

Just a reminder, from September 2012 until October 2012, I will be on tour with Encrust for the Carnival of Death tour featuring Obituary, Broken Hope, Decrepit Birth, and Jungle Rot.

Feel free to place orders during this time, but please note that they will be processed much later than usual.  I appreciate it.  Thank you.